Digital Workbook
Interactive problem solving in dialogue with robot
The car drove ½ of the way at a speed of 60 mi/h, the other half of the way at a speed of 40 mi/h. What is the average speed of the car?
Your first calculation was 50 mi/h, wasn't it? It is the wrong answer.
An experienced teacher understands the cause. You calculated the arithmetic mean, but not the average speed.
Asking questions and giving hints, a good teacher leads the student to the correct answer.
Mistakes are great and necessary part of learning, but when there’s somebody to support and explain what you’ve missed.

What if we could digitize this behavior of a good teacher and make it available to students around the world?
We already did it!
Digital Profiling
Dynamic diagnostics of the level of knowledge and skills
  • Continuous assessment
    during the problem-solving process on the platform, from secondary school to exam prep
  • Student’s profiling
    and building a dynamic educational trajectory
  • Predicting results
    of the examinations and chances of admission to target educational institutions
  • Skillset analysis
    for matchmaking with educational institutions, internships, job offerings
  • Individual recommendations
    on improving the level and filling gaps to increase the chances of enrollment
  • Recommendations for teachers
    on choosing pedagogical approaches and teaching tools
Early career planning
Matchmaking with internships, trainings and vacancies based on skills, interests and digital learning profile

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